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Work Experience in Greece

Before moving to the UK, Vassilis lived and worked in Greece.

Vassilis started his career by working at Achaiki, a family business, a producer of sugared products with an excellent reputation of 75 years. He joined the Tank & Cavalry Corps as part of his National Service, and he served at Avlona (boot camp), the 34th Brigade at Thessaloniki and 398th National Guard Brigade in Lesbos. During his service was trained as a driver, an assumed duties of Food Logistics Officer at his company. He was also trained as a paramedic and in land mine sweeping. He was trained in combat skills with H&K G3A4 assault rifle, AK-47 assault rifle, 50mm Browning machine gun and Beretta pistol.

After the end of his National Service, he joined the American College of Greece (in Athens), and for three years during his studies (1992-95) he worked as a Computer Lab Supervisor. He also worked for Compulink (then part of the Compupress Group) which was at the forefront of introducing private internet services in Greece.

Upon his graduation he worked again for Achaiki (in Patras)  and he introduced his skills to an old style family business. He started his own Internet Consultancy, called Global Marketing, offering cheap web hosting to SMEs and internet marketing services. He created the first online florist's website and he got the first ever order for flowers in Greece.

In 2000 as a result of a series changes of family and personal circumstances he moved to Athens where he immediately got an offer by Compupress to work at their advertising department (for their computer magazines division).

In summer 2001 he decided to take on an offer from a friend and move to the UK looking for a more challenging career.

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