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Work Experience in the UK

 Vassilis Manoussos has worked for a variety of businesses and sectors throughout his 23 years career.

 Vassilis Manoussos is working as a Digital Forensics Consultant under the trading name Strathclyde Forensics. In this role he is working with solicitors, businesses and private individuals, on every aspect of digital crime. He has investigated cases that range from pornography and business crime, to unfair dismissals, insurance claims and financial disputes. Cases that range from criminal and civil to Employment Tribunals, are making up some of the forensic experience that Vassilis has to display.

 Vassilis worked for the DWP for just less than a year, on a temp contract before resuming his academic studies. While in IBM (EMEA dept, Greenock) he was responsible for managing IBM Hellas and IBM Cyprus, with an emphasis on the support of the IBM business partners. He provided excellent management, being the trouble shooter for the orders placed by both countries, and he excelled in times of pressure when he provided solutions to issues that sometimes would split the countries and the EMEA Dept.

  Before moving to Scotland, Vassilis lived and worked in Sheffield, England. He initially worked in a temp assignment at Norwich Union, and then for the E-Commerce Department of Abbey National. Later on he worked for the Steel City Group (Steel City Data, Steel City Technology) responsible for managing confidential data of mortgages as well as database management and security. At the same time he worked in a consulting capacity with Seven Digit Consulting (that turned to Seven Digit Interactive) as an Internet Marketing Manager. He also worked for the CQM Ltd consultancy (owner at the time of undertaking single handed an international marketing research for an "underwater bike". As a part-time he worked as a Greek translator and copy writer for the Greek version of William Hill's website.

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